Andrelas 0.1

Session 1-01: It Starts

The heroes – Glim, Alek Brighton, Hunter, and Svarog – are called upon by Salgan blacksmith Gregor Anvilmar to help him find his son. Gregor believes his son, Alvus, has traveled to some nearby elven ruins in order to impress a local girl, and fears for his safety.

The group travels to the village of Lakeside, and deciding that haste was a prudent measure, immediately travels into the Adrellian Forest in search of Alvus. With Gregor in tow, the group comes across the elven ruins where Alvus and his companions are suspected to have traveled. The group encounters some goblins, and after slaying them, travels deeper into the ruins.

The heroes arrive at a ruined temple that was once dedicated to the worship of Corellon Larethian. Inside they find more goblins, a bugbear named Hurk, and a captive elf who had escorted Alvus to the ruins. After defeating Hurk, the group aids some goblins in a fight against some mysterious corrupted plant creatures, and learns that Alvus was taken to an encampment somewhere to the south. After some deliberation regarding how to proceed, the leader of the goblins in the ruins, a hobgoblin named Grognar, appears and attacks the group with the help of some goblin and wolf allies. The heroes fend off their attackers, and leave the ruins to rest up and prepare for a journey deeper into the wilderness.



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