Andrelas 0.1

Session 1-02 - The Best Laid Plans

The heroes find a safe place to rest outside the ruins and manage a peaceful sleep in the forest. Continuing their quest to save Alvus Anvilmar, they venture back to the ruins, relying on Hunter’s ability to find and follow tracks the goblins may have left behind. The group spends the better part of a day following the tracks, and eventually are attacked by a group of plant creatures called Blights.

The party defeats the Blights, and comes across a Treant by the name of Mossbeard. Mossbeard informs them that the Blights had been terrorizing the forest for several weeks. Alek, wanting to help Mossbeard and Gregor, offers to come back and assist Mossbeard if he can give them the location of the Hobgoblin encampment. Mossbeard obliges, and gives them the location of the encampment. With a renewed fervor, the group leaves to rescue Alvus, promising Mossbeard they would return to aid him in eliminating the blights.

The group finds the hobgoblin encampment, and Glim casts a spell to disguise himself as a goblin to scout it out. He finds many enemies within the camp, and when approached by a drunken goblin, Glim decides to leave rather than risk blowing his cover. The group devises a plan for Hunter and Glim to “snipe” as many enemies from the trees as possible to create a distraction for Alek and Gregor to sneak in and save Alvus. Glim and Hunter manage to pick off a few enemies before being spotted, but it does not prove to be enough. An intense battle ensues and most of the group is eventually taken captive. Glim manages to escape with the help of his illusions, and plots to rescue the rest of his allies from the hobgoblins’ clutches.



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